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"why did she love him, curious fool be still. if human love the good of human will, to her he might be gentleness."

-lord byron


AU MEME ϟ The Borgias as a modern-day Mafia


The Borgias  |  a modern au

After the death of the long reigning pope, Vatican city remains in chaos as Conclave remain unconclusive.  The only legitimate choice for pope appears to be Spanish patriach Rodrigo Borgia, whose personal wealth and cunning brood soon dominate Rome.  As bodies begin to pile and tales of the Borgia’s incestuous Lucrezia and Cesare surface, the Cardinals begins to understand the horrible genius they have unleashed upon the Holy Land.  

castle : sci-fi/space au → requested by anon


au meme → game of thrones(robb&ygritte) + the great war (purplu)

It’s 1913, and Ygritte begins work as a maid at the Stark family’s estate. Despite their differences, she falls in love with the oldest Stark son, Robb. Tired of keeping their relationship secret, Robb asks Ygritte to marry him, but before he can tell his family the great war begins and he must go off to war. They keep in touch through letters during the war all while Ygritte continues her work as a maid without the Stark family knowing about their relationship.


AU meme: Amy/Doctor as a music duo in the 60s.

Love and pain and sorrow

Keep the band together

She was like my soulmate

Whispered in my ear

Love was playing music

It was all we wanted

Making plastic records

Of our history


Matt Smith + Karen Gillan as Jack and Rose in Titanic


draco/hermione → a song of ice and fire

duty above all; the king who left his heart in Winterfell

“You must understand. I serve the realm now.”


AU Dramione → Snow White and the Huntsman:

The Huntsman ordered to take Snow White into the woods to be killed winds up becoming her lover, protector and mentor in a quest to vanquish the Evil Queen. 

Logan & Alexandra in the 1920s or 30s