Tiffany. 27. isfj.

currently obsessed with bethyl from the walking dead and valdaya previous dance partners on dancing with the stars. you'll also find from dusk till dawn, teen wolf, outlander, sleepy hollow, the killing, elementary and anything also that catches my fancy!

"why did she love him, curious fool be still. if human love the good of human will, to her he might be gentleness."

-lord byron

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Why do I always find the bodies?

People find their paths in the strangest of ways

Sleepy Hollow, Teen Wolf and Multi-Fandom icons

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see for yourself the horizon is all we have

i want to see you as you are now

every single day that i am living

you disarm me; a stiles & lydia fanmix // [listen]

01. disarm me - ben rector // 02. take what i can get - matthew mayfield // 03. look down - kate mcgill // 04. fall - ed sheeran // 05. make me fall - nina nesbitt // 06. tether - calvin lamothe // 07. salvation - gabrielle aplin // 08. latch - kodaline // 09. please don’t say you love me - gabrielle aplin // 10. i do not love you - ron pope // 11. fools - lauren aquilina // 12. just say yes - snow patrol

Holland Roden at the 2013 MTV VMAs

and i do not love you for the way your hands
can touch me and quiet my soul [x]

Amy Adams for ELLE UK (July 2013)