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currently obsessed with bethyl from the walking dead and valdaya previous dance partners on dancing with the stars. you'll also find from dusk till dawn, teen wolf, outlander, sleepy hollow, the killing, elementary and anything also that catches my fancy!

"why did she love him, curious fool be still. if human love the good of human will, to her he might be gentleness."

-lord byron

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au meme → game of thrones(robb&ygritte) + the great war (purplu)

It’s 1913, and Ygritte begins work as a maid at the Stark family’s estate. Despite their differences, she falls in love with the oldest Stark son, Robb. Tired of keeping their relationship secret, Robb asks Ygritte to marry him, but before he can tell his family the great war begins and he must go off to war. They keep in touch through letters during the war all while Ygritte continues her work as a maid without the Stark family knowing about their relationship.